Makeup is pretty fantastic stuff. It can change an entire look and feel of a person, helping highlight assets and disguise a few blemishes. It helps boost confidence, and is a whole lot of fun to figure out in the process.

When it comes to the right type of makeup for the wedding day (a day where there will be a billion and one photo’s taken of you) it is imperative to get it right.

Here’s a few do’s and don’t that might help:

1 – DO: Practice beforehand

Have it planned and practiced, you don’t want to be stressing on the day.

2 – DON’T: Change your mind last minute

If it was planned and you were happy the trials, don’t change last minute, you may regret it.

3 – DO: Get someone else to do it

You shouldn’t have to worry about it on your wedding day. Get a professional, or a good friend who has makeup skills. If all else fails, make sure someone does a youtube tutorial and go for it.

4 – DON’T: Use your normal makeup

Buy fresh makeup. You will look and feel better and there’s no awkward moment when you run out mid way through.

Most makeup artists will bring their own products tho.

5 – DO: Make it fancier than usual

It’s your wedding day, make it special. You are allowed to be as dressed up as you want, so even if you prefer simpler makeup go for that, just don’t look like you do every single other day of your life. Your groom will appreciate it also.

6 – DON’T: Deviate so far from normal that you’re not recognisable

On the flip side, don’t go over the top! You’re a bride not a drag queen and this isn’t the 80’s. Bad makeup choices are hopefully a thing of the past.

7 – DO: Feel comfortable

The goal is for you, the bride to feel amazing. So whatever is required to do that. Do it.

8 – DON’T: Match your bridesmaids

You’re the bride, therefore your makeup is to be more unique than theirs is. You want your girls to look fabulous, but they don’t have to meet the standards you have.


So there you have it, a few Do and Don’t ideas for wedding makeup. Remember, new blog posts every Wednesday. You can also subscribe by hitting the button over there to the right —->


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