BEWARE! THE AGE OF BRIDEZILLA BRIDESMAIDS…Plus, a few Wedding Day tips from a Hairdresser

Thrown around as a form of insult, the term ‘Bridezilla’ is so often associated with a crazy bride, impossible to please. She’s a tyrant, wanting everything just right for her wedding and not settling for anything less than perfect.


A new age has arisen, however, and on the actual wedding day, it’s apparently not actually the woman of the hour who’s creating the most drama. According to hairdresser, Kimberley Jonson, when it comes to hair and makeup, bridesmaids are the one’s to watch.

“From my experience…bridesmaids tend to be worse than the bride on the actual day.

“At the end of the day it’s the bride’s day and she’s had six months to be bridezilla. So once it gets to the actual day, she’s like ‘well there’s nothing more I can do’. She’s done her trial and knows she likes it.

“The bridesmaids haven’t. They rock up on the day to a style the bride has picked out for them, and generally nine times out of 10 there is one bridesmaid who just doesn’t like it.”

As the manager of Roca Verde hair, Kim and the team are well prepped to commence any wedding day, often hosting Bridal parties some Saturday mornings at their Mooloolaba salon with champagne and nibblies.

“It’s the first thing you get done on your wedding day, so it’s our job to start the morning on a good note.

“There’s champagne, lots of champagne, everyone’s excited. We’re in early ready to go. We make sure its a same feeling setup as you would have at home.”

With five years of expertise under her belt, and a staffing team with double those years of experience, the team at Roca Verde excel. They’ve been named one of the Sunshine Coast’s best salons on numerous occasions.

With appointments book out weeks in advance, the girls know a thing or two about creating the perfect bridal hair.

Kim’s tips to bride’s preparing for their wedding day:

“First, try and be different! Absolutely everyone these days has loose tousled curls and a flower crown. They do look beautiful, but its all the same. Sometimes the big flower crown can take away from everything else, so maybe consider something smaller and more dainty.

“Second, bring me your Pinterest board. I want to see the whole look, not just a hair idea. What you might think will work won’t give the effect you want…also have a backup hairstyle, because sometimes the original just won’t work on the day.

“And lastly, please please please do your trial. I know it’s a little bit of extra cash, but it will save ridiculous amounts of stress on the actual day, so please do it.”


And her thoughts when it comes to dealing with bridezilla bridesmaids?

“Talk to your bride!”

“Your bride will generally know who’s going to kick up a stink, because she knows her friends. They kick up a stink, but they’ll listen to their best friend who they’re walking down the aisle too. As long as you’ve got the bride on your side you’re good.”



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